2019 Floral Trends


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| N A T U R A L B L I S S |

Natural Bliss has a gentle feminine feel to it. Pulling inspiration from a fairy tale dream, this style can be described as whimsical and minimalistic. The palette combines soft tints with rich base tones and warm textures. Look for frosted and antique finishes, weathered woods and natural elements. These provide a pleasing contrast to pale, gray-tinted neutrals, along with a deep plum.

2019 Floral Trends-Natural Bliss.jpg

| F O R E S T W A L K |

Forest Walk is full of deep, rich colour, lots of texture and organic elements. Inspiration is taken from deep into the heart of the forest. Bold tones, lush greens and natural elements like vines, pods, ferns, berries and mushrooms all complement this look. Also welcome are dried flowers, antique gold finishes and recycled materials. Look for kraft paper, stone finishes and organic components.

2019 Floral Trends-Forest Walk.jpg

| A T T E N T I O N S E E K E R |

Rich in reds and offset with fashion forward teal, The Attention Seeker is just what it says it is: an attention seeker! This style trend is made up of bright and dramatic colours, tropical florals and contrasting tones. Look for rusted copper, terra cotta finishes and line flowers to complement this look.

2019 Floral Trends-Attention Seeker.jpg
Nicole Greville